Rules And Regulations

Discipline, Humanism, Austerity, Hygiene and Self and Self-help are the hallmarks of the Ashram, with your co-operation, we aim for “Better Nature Cure at Lesser Cost.”

Ashram is your “Health – Home”. Please keep the Campus Clean and Green.

To take the benefits of all treatments, follow the timing punctually.

Lectures and Prayers are integral part of the treatment. Do not miss them.

Regular Yoga keeps away the Roga (Disease)

You are not allowed to go out of campus during your stay.

Tobacco, alcohol and non-vegetarian food are prohibited.

Outside food can harm and delay your recovery. Do not consume outside food.

Take rest between 12:30 to 2:00 pm. Please maintain silence. Avoid gathering and chatting after 9:30 pm.

To avoid crowd, please follow the queue at the clinic, canteen and treatment wards.

To enable us to recycle garbage, please drop wet/dry garbage in bucket.

Maintain your room and toilet clean. Please conserve water and electricity.

If you are listening to radio or music, please keep the volume very low.

The use of cell phones is discouraged as it deprives you of rest and disturbs your neighbors.

You can keep cash and ornaments safely with cashier.

Kindly adjust with your co-patients.

Please park your vehicle in parking area in front of security cabin.

Please inform Reception about guest in advance.

In case of misconduct or breach of discipline, the management can exercise the right to discharge the patient from the Ashram.

If you need any assistance, please contact Reception or Doctor assistant or Doctor on duty.

Donors to Ashram are eligible for free stay for limited period and exemption under 80(G) of I.T. Act.


Urulikanchan, Pune


Urulikanchan, Pune – 412 202

Procedure for seeking Admission in Ashram w. e. f. 1st July 2011
1. Advance booking can be made for the period of the next 3 months.2. The Patients can stay in Ashram for a Maximum period of 60 days unless the doctor certifies that continuing for additional days will benefit the patient.3. Re-admission to the ashram will be only after 6 months. However, in specific cases, it can be at the discretion of the management.
Procedure for Admission and Registration

4. Provisional reservation can be done either by telephone or internet. However, for confirmation, an advance of Rs.500/- is necessary.

5. The advance deposit amount can be credited to Ashram’s Bank Account by Internet or telegraphic transfer by cash or Cheque /Demand Draft.

The money may be deposited in the following Bank Accounts:

1. State Bank of India Account Number 31259059324
(IFSC CODE NO. SBIN 0007762)
2. Bank of Indian Account Number 060820100000040
(IFSC CODE NO. BKID 0000608)
6. After sending the Deposit, the Xerox copy of the Pay-in Slip to be sent to Ashram immediately by Fax along with relevant information as required Patient’s Full Name, Complete Address, Phone Number, Age, Disease, Date of Admission
Fax No.: 020-26926225/ 26926347

7. If the person fails to report on the date of admission, a Deposit of Rs.500/- will be forfeited and not refunded. Then admission will be given to the next patient on the waiting list.

8. In case of emergency when the patients want to take an early discharge, they should pay room charges for the next two nights or till the due date of discharge. Whichever is lesser.

9. From the total available quota for Admission, 10% is reserved for Management.

10. Residential Proof is necessary at the time of Admission (Either one copy of the following mentioned proof require.)

a) Ration Card
b) Election Card
c) Driving License
d) Identity Card

Apply for Admission